Lana Marconi has Directed and Produced five feature length documentaries which can be watched on Vimeo movies on demand. See the links below.

“ORENDA: Force Of Consciousness”

ORENDA from Lana Marconi on Vimeo.

About ORENDA: Behold the undeniable, intelligent, life force that flows through everything connecting all that is through vibration. This hidden power, called Orenda, pulls us forward into higher realities of consciousness that includes telepathic communication with advanced benevolent star nations, spontaneous healing, shapeshifting, directing nature at will, activating superhuman abilities, and engaging in other multi-dimensional experiences characteristic of the evolving new human desiring ultimate fulfillment.


FEEL: The Waves Of Intelligence from Lana Marconi on Vimeo.

ABOUT FEEL: Six people attend an intimate workshop on feelings and hear from esteemed scientists to alternative healers and even star children, just to name a few of the fourteen experts, who piece together the life-changing link between emotions and higher human potential, taking mental health and psychological well-being to another level, inspiring radical self-transformation and a new reality.

Synopsis: For decades modern society has down played emotions while revering the logical mind, disregarding a fundamental aspect of being a fully integrated human being. The consequences of shunning our emotional lives has resulted in an ever growing shadow dwelling in the caverns of the collective consciousness, a potent and hidden darkness that has sought expression through dysfunctional modes of psychological projection such as war, violence, addiction, and disease. Idealization of the rational part of the psyche has taken its toll, globally, and the time has come for the emotional mind to be fully embraced, healed and together with the linear mind directed in such a focused way that actualizes our highest potential. Speakers in FEEL are convinced that our emotions hold the key to our destiny and by tapping into the power of our feelings can we quantum leap into a new reality that serves the essence of who we ultimately are. FEEL The Waves Of Intelligence and change your life.

Film Sponsor: Paul Booth, CEO, Performance Drink and NutriBrix



New Human, New Earth, New Humanity from Lana Marconi on Vimeo.

ABOUT NEW HUMAN: Humans are going through an awakening process. As a result, reality on earth is shifting from separation to unity consciousness. Separation within each human and between humans has been a source of humanity’s suffering and the destruction of planet earth. What can humans expect to experience during this intense shift as old structures fall away and a new paradigm emerges? Moreover, what is this new reality? In this third consciousness raising documentary by filmmaker Lana Marconi, Ph.D., fourteen experts describe what it will take for humanity to collectively thrive and what the new species and planet will be like which includes community with advanced, intelligent, benevolent, life forms among other profound changes.

Running time: 1 hour and 20 minutes.



“THE RESONANCE” Documentary from Lana Marconi on Vimeo.

ABOUT THE RESONANCE: The evidence for extraterrestrial life on and off earth is substantial and can no longer be ignored. In “The Resonance” experts not only provide proof of ET life but they also describe a new advanced world humanity is evolving into that includes community with ETs. This expanded reality requires humans to be in resonance with a higher state of consciousness. Featuring Paul Hellyer, former Minister of National Defence for Canada.


“THE WELLNESS STORY” Documentary from Lana Marconi on Vimeo.

ABOUT THE WELLNESS STORY: The Wellness Story is a 115 minute inspirational documentary produced by Lana Marconi, Ph.D., featuring over 25 health professionals including Canadian Fitness Pro Shannon Leroux and Dr. John Demartini from The Secret movie. Speakers are set against beautiful nature backgrounds. Enrich your life today by discovering all good things about wellness such as what foods to eat, what exercises to choose, how to create loving relationships, how to heal diseases, why meditation is a powerful tool, how to be fulfilled at work and what it means to create real wealth. Plus, dive deep into spirituality and learn how you can connect to your higher self and more. Truly, an integration of health told in an uplifting story. Together, we can reclaim our health, our power, and our lives.