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Health Matters April 15 2015_pic 2Lana has written, hosted and produced over 50 television shows for ROGERS TV CANADA focusing on healthy living, alternative medicine, and mind-body-spirit integration. Guests have included nutritionists, osteopaths, naturopaths, acupuncturists, chiropractors, dentists, lawyers, psychologists, social workers and even rockstars to name a few. Topics have include fitness, women’s sexual health, men’s well-being, skincare, gratitude, medication, herbs, dating, career happiness, IV therapy, ecology and so forth into the world of humans, health, life, and medicine.

Below are some TV Show Clips. Most shows can be found on Lana’s YouTube Channel.

TV Clip 1: Water is so vital to our health and longevity that it’s crucial to make sure we are drinking enough water and the proper water. Watch this eye-opening TV Show Lana hosted about water and get the inside scoop so you can make healthier choices.

Below Clip:In the television show below, Lana sits down with a powerful pair of Reiki Masters.

Below Clip: In this television show Lana sits down with the President of the Ontario Psychology Association, Dr. Jane Storrie, to chat about the importance of mental health.

Below Clip: In the television show below, Lana interviews Medical Doctor Zoltan Rona on men’s sexual health. Hear what his top 10 sexy supplements are!

Below Clip: In the television show below, Dr. Lana interviews Naturopathic Doctor Erica Robinson about fertility and pregnancy.

Below Clip: Whole Foods Market Chef appears on Lana’s TV Show to talk about healthy, nutritious eating.

What TV Guests Have Said About Lana’s TV Shows:

“Lana, thanks so much for the opportunity and for being so kind and welcoming. I had such a nice time.” ~ Dr. Shelley Craig, Co-Chair of World Pride Toronto

“Thanks Lana, that was a great experience. You do a fantastic job of preparing and hosting.” ~ Dev Sarathy, Chiropractor 

“Lana, thank you for having me on your show. Was just like having a coffee chat with a friend.” ~ Leah Young, M.B.A.

“Super excited to be part of Dr. Lana’s wellness movement.” ~ Shannon Leroux, WBFF Pro

“Lana, keep on doing the great job you are doing.” ~ Jake Dheer, Station Manager, Rogers TV

“Lana, you are an excellent interviewer and your show is first class.” ~ Zoltan Rona, Medical Doctor

“Thanks Lana, it was fun as always!” ~ Dr. Jane Storrie, President of the Ontario Psychology Association

“Lana, thanks for the fun interview. Together we can change the world, well maybe a couple of rockstars.” ~ Gordon Deppe, The Spoons Band

“Thanks so much for having us Lana. It was a great piece. We enjoyed our opportunity to support Health Matters.” ~ Janice Chan, Whole Foods Market Marketing Manager