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THANK YOU TO EVERYONE THAT ATTENDED “THE RESONANCE” FILM PREMIERE EVENT ON NOVEMBER 21, 2015! We had over 300 people in attendance for a successful launch!

On Saturday, November 21, 2015 we officially screened “The Resonance” at the JJR MACLEOD AUDITORIUM, University of Toronto Campus, 1 King’s College Circle, Toronto, ON Canada.


***TELEVISION INTERVIEW*** Watch An Interview With The Filmmaker of “THE RESONANCE” Lana Marconi As She Appeared on WHAT’S NEW, TV Show, Niagara Falls, ON:

***TELEVISION INTERVIEW*** Watch An Interview With The Filmmaker of “THE RESONANCE” Lana Marconi As She Appeared on PARANORMAL TV Show, Niagara Falls, ON:

***FILM PREMIERE Q & A!*** Watch As Speakers From “THE RESONANCE” Address The Audience, Nov. 21, 2015, Toronto:

***Closing Interview @ Film Debut*** Listen To Filmmaker Lana Marconi As She Interviews Emcee Richard Syrett

***SKYPE INTERVIEW*** Listen to Filmmaker Lana Marconi As She Speaks with John B Wells Of The Show CARAVAN TO MIDNIGHT

***COAST TO COAST*** Filmmaker Lana Marconi Speaks With George Noory About Her Film “THE RESONANCE.” Listen to the show on their website:

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The evidence for extraterrestrial life on and off earth is substantial and can no longer be ignored. Now that we know without a doubt ETs are present among humans, several questions arise: What is their agenda for humanity? How do humans successfully integrate the ET experience? In “The Resonance” experts not only provide proof of ET life but they also describe a new advanced world humanity is evolving into that includes community with ETs. This expanded reality requires humans to be in resonance with a higher state of consciousness. If humanity fails to choose the higher path, devastating consequences will prevail. As of the year 2015, humanity is at a crucial tipping point of  consciousness, what they decide will either place them in resonance with their galactic destiny, characterized by oneness, peace and compassion, or in resonance with their lower identity characterized by pain and  suffering. The quality of life humanity chooses to be in resonance with is of paramount concern.

“The Resonance” is Lana Marconi’s second feature length documentary. Prior to filming and editing “The Resonance” Lana produced, directed, and edited “The Wellness Story,” a 115 minute documentary featuring 29 renowned health professionals disseminating valuable information that improves the viewer’s quality of life and health naturally. This film was released Summer 2015 in Niagara Falls with Mayor Jim Diodati’s support and received numerous write ups in print media. (See The Wellness Story film page on this website.)

A body and mind that are in an optimal state of health provides the solid framework to support the evolution of a new consciousness that is necessary for creating the new world where unity prevails. “The Wellness Story” ends with the integration of ancient health knowledge and modern healing technology, both of which have been infused in humans from advanced, benevolent  beings. These downloads undoubtedly point to humanity’s galactic heritage and potential. “The Resonance” is an in depth look at humanity’s profound galactic connection.


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Modern Knowledge_smallModern Knowledge, spearheaded by Christopher Russak and David Whitehead, has organized many full disclosure speaking engagements across Canada. Several of the experts in “The Resonance” film are part of the Modern Knowledge disclosure tour. “The Resonance” film is dedicated to truth warriors across the planet such as Christopher and David.




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Below Photo: Honourable Paul Hellyer, Former National Defence Minister of Canada with Filmmaker Lana Marconi, September 15, 2015. Toronto shoot. Last interview for “The Resonance” film.
Lana Marconi_Paul Hellyer_Sept 15 2015









Below Photo: Grant Cameron (UFO Researcher), Lana Marconi (Filmmaker), Stanton Friedman (Nuclear Physicist). Green Screen shoot at The Alien Cosmic Expo, Brantford, June 27, 2015.

Lana Marconi_Grant Cameron_Stanton Friedman