Health Matters April 15, 2015 with Dr. Lana & Guests
Dr. Lana & Guests @ Health Matters TV Set @ Rogers TV.

Dr. Lana has written, hosted and produced over 50 television shows focusing on healthy living, alternative medicine, and mind-body-spirit integration.

Guests include nutritionists, osteopaths, naturopaths, acupuncturists, chiropractors, dentists, lawyers, psychologists, social workers and even rockstars to name a few.

Topics include fitness, women’s sexual health, men’s well-being, skincare, gratitude, medication, herbs, dating, career happiness, IV therapy, ecology and so forth into the world of humans, health, life, and medicine.

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Below is a television episode of Health Matters with host Dr. Lana Marconi.

What TV Guests Are Saying About Dr. Lana’s Show:

“Lana, thanks so much for the opportunity and for being so kind and welcoming. I had such a nice time.” ~ Dr. Shelley Craig, Co-Chair of World Pride Toronto

“Thanks Lana, that was a great experience. You do a fantastic job of preparing and hosting.” ~ Dev Sarathy, Chiropractor 

“Lana, thank you for having me on your show. Was just like having a coffee chat with a friend.” ~ Leah Young, M.B.A.

“Super excited to be part of Dr. Lana’s wellness movement.” ~ Shannon Leroux, WBFF Pro

“Lana, keep on doing the great job you are doing.” ~ Jake Dheer, Station Manager, Rogers TV

“Lana, you are an excellent interviewer and your show is first class.” ~ Zoltan Rona, Medical Doctor

“Thanks Lana, it was fun as always!” ~ Dr. Jane Storrie, President of the Ontario Psychology Association

“Lana, thanks for the fun interview. Together we can change the world, well maybe a couple of rockstars.” ~ Gordon Deppe, The Spoons Band

“Thanks so much for having us Lana. It was a great piece. We enjoyed our opportunity to support Health Matters.” ~ Janice Chan, Whole Foods Market Marketing Manager

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