Is Fear Holding You Back From An Awesome Life?


In psychology, there is a term called the Jonah Complex. This complex refers to people who fear realizing their true life calling. Out of this fear arises a host of excuses for why they cannot be who they really wish to be: a guitarist, a restaurant owner, a jewelry maker, a fashion designer, a green home builder—a whatever calling is pulling at their heart strings. The Jonah complex is based…


The Deeper Purpose Of Your Life


Having had the pleasure of watching Dr. Caroline Myss (authority on medical intuition) in action, I offer the following story of mine, revealing her playful spin on archetypal symbols to the general public. On January 21, 2002 renowned medical intuitive Dr. Caroline Myss visited the St. Andrew-Wesley Church in Vancouver, British Columbia, promoting her book, Sacred Contracts. “What a wonderful church,” Dr. Myss whispered into her microphone as she entered…


Tongue Diagnosis In Traditional Chinese Medicine


A healthy tongue body is pink. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the tongue body represents the yin organs, blood and nutritive qi (ying qi). Examples of a tongue that has lost it’s healthy qi (zheng qi) include a tongue that is: pale (qi or blood deficiency); pale sides (liver blood deficiency); red with purple spots (heat with blood stagnation); red center (stomach heat);  blue center, slippery and greasy (damp phlegm…


5 Elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine


In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) there is a widely taught and used concept called “Five Elements.” Attributed to Tsou Yen (350 – 270 BCE), the Five Elements puts into perspective the relationships and interactions of the microcosm (human) and macrocosm (Nature). It is an archaic system of observing Life. Below is a brief and basic description on the elements and their relevant modern day relationship to human organs, emotions and…


Emotions And Disease In Traditional Chinese Medicine


Internal Cause of Disease: Seven Emotions Emotions play an important role in TCM. For example, lack of appropriate emotional response or inappropriate or excessive emotional response may lead to disease of the related organ. Weakness in any organ system may lead to emotional weakness or imbalance. Emotional factors can cause functional changes in one or more organs at the same time. Below is brief discussion of the seven emotions: 1….


Getting What You Want


Hi, Dr. Lana here and I am going to talk to you about Life Coaching. What is Life Coaching? It’s a specific methodology that helps you to realize your dreams. It gets you from where you currently are (Point A) to where you want to be (Point B). Life Coaching can be applied to major life areas such as: relationships, family, career, money, and health. If you are feeling stuck…


How We Create With Intention

Female head and nerve cells, artwork

Here is a simple take on how Quantum Physics can explain how our thoughts create our reality. The information shared here is simplified from author Gregg Braden’s work The Divine Matrix so I cannot take credit for it and I trust my simple explanation meets Mr. Braden’s standards. Here we go . . . We live in a sea of energy in that everything has a vibration. Yes. Thoughts and…


How To Make A Relationship Work


In order for a romantic relationship or marriage to work harmoniously each person that comes to the table needs to work harmoniously. Below are 8 important principles of self-love that when embodied make you a better person and your relationship better. 1. Accept Yourself: First and foremost before you enter into a romantic relationship you really need to accept yourself. Given that truth, who are you? Are you confident in…