Lana with CameraWe are passionate about making consciousness raising films by the people and for the people. Our films give a voice to an audience that is underrepresented in the industry. Because we choose an independently spirited path, we don’t get the support financially that we need to make these wonderful films come to realization through traditional methods. That’s why your financial support is needed. The more money we have in our film budget, the more we can do when it comes to production such as delivering better graphic content, creating vignettes, interviewing experts abroad, filming never before seen footage, and so forth. Money helps our creativity come to life and our message sparkle on screen.

Since we have a proven track record of delivering 3 feature length documentaries in less than two years along with receiving significant media attention and organizing first class film premiere events, you can be sure that your money will be well valued, appreciated, and well spent on our filmmaking projects. Our production company delivers the final product and that is something we guarantee.

Below are several PayPal options to contribute to our films. Alternately, you may contact Lana to mail a check or to give your credit card over the phone. Phone: (289) 696-0357

For contributions from $50 upwards, you will receive your name listed in the Credit Roll and a complimentary screening of the film on Vimeo Movies on Demand. For larger financial contributions you could be entitled to have the credit “Associate Producer” or “Executive Producer” and other perks. Check to see if we are also running an Indiegogo Campaign. If you have questions, please contact Lana. Email:

Many thanks! :)


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