Personal Mastery Coaching

niceDr. Lana helps people connect to themselves and expand their consciousness. From that deep heart connection everything else in life falls into place. The person, perhaps you, becomes happier and more at peace. When you are at peace you have more energy to do the things you want to, your energy isn’t wrapped up in drama stories that deplete you. Your energy is focused, easily executed and your dreams are realized.

Dr. Lana’s 3 “Cs” to Personal Mastery:
1. Courage to discover your truth.
2. Communication to express your truth, however creative.
3. Confidence to execute your truth.

For Dr. Lana, she has used visual arts – videos – as a platform to express her truth. As a result of deeply connecting to her sense of purpose she has created documentary films that have received multiple awards including a Humanitarian Award. Amazing results like this type of global recognition happens when a person is aligned with their core, their spiritual nature, their truth. Keep in mind, this is an example of her path, your path will be unique to you.

Coaching with Dr. Lana will help you to honestly get in touch with yourself and give you the important skills to confidently execute your truth so that you can live a life of purpose and fulfillment.

How does it work? Simply. Contact Dr. Lana for your first session to Personal Growth Mastery.

Standard Session Fee: $200 / 45 minutes

Package A: $500 / 3 sessions, 45 minutes each (save $100)

Package B: $800 / 5 sessions, 45 minutes each (save $200)