About Lana


Lana Marconi, Ph.D., Th.D., has Doctorate Degrees in Transpersonal Psychology and Energy Medicine and is a Certified Life Coach. She has years of applying cognitive-behaviour psychology, Jungian psychology, humanistic psychology, positive psychology and spiritual psychology.

She had a strong desire to reach more people with empowering knowledge above and beyond her one-to-one counseling/coaching practice so she ventured on a media journey to learn the skills necessary to fulfill her global vision and became a Community Producer at RogersTV.  After writing, producing and hosting over 50 healthy living television shows on Rogers TV Canada that you can watch on her YouTube Channel, Lana embarked on producing documentary films.

lana humanity awardToday, Lana is an Award-Winning Independent Canadian Documentary Filmmaker. Her five feature films are geared towards personal growth and raising consciousness. They are called: “The Wellness Story,” “The Resonance,” “New Human, New Earth, New Humanity,” “Feel: The Waves of Intelligence,” and “Orenda: Force of Consciousness.”

Her documentaries have won awards from several film festivals such as: Awareness Film Festival, Los Angeles; IndieFest, La Jolla, California; Mediterranean Film Festival, Cannes; The International Film Festival for Spirituality, Religion, and Visionary, Bali; Spotlight Documentary Film Awards, Georgia, Atlanta. One of her films was even licensed to GaiaTV.

While creating these humanitarian films, Lana had the idea to create a global TV & Film Netflix-style platform for high vibrational content that speaks to the emerging new human as such valuable material is not streamed on mainstream television, it’s called FiveD.TV – The Next Dimension Network.





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