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Video – FiveD.TV Update

Thanks for making FiveD.TV a success! Here’s an update on our international TV, Film, Radio, Podcast channel that includes content ranging from Star Nations to Human Ascension to Earth Revival and much more. Website link: If you are into the multi-dimensional Universe and inter-dimensional experiences then FiveD.TV is worth your while to check out.

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Video – ORENDA Filmmaker Lana Marconi Addresses Audience

Feeling GRATEFUL to our Urban Buddhist Monk Bhante Saranapala & John Tan (Inspiring Minds Canada) for hosting our ORENDA movie night celebration. In this video I share a bit about life as a filmmaker and my ORENDA movie making adventure. Thanks to all the fabulous people that attended (09-10-2018). Orenda, the movie, can be watched on our TV/Film platform: